Black Girls’ Joy Quilt

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People sometimes ask about our process. We started the Black Girls’ Joy quilt by ordering a lot of the great pink and brown and girl power fabric. The tour’s logo is in the center (puffed out). Then we cut and … Continued

A Womb of One’s Own

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With apologies to Virginia Woolf (and tapping into her imagery of the marginalization of women), the front of the banner is, I think, self explanatory. A woman’s body is hers and hers alone. No government, court or church should have … Continued

Fannie Etheridge

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Fannie made this quilt in honor of Juneteenth Watch Return of the Bees Fannie taught Catherine and Kit how to make the Pine Burr quilt that Fannie gave to her mom. Check out the finished quilt

Comfort Quilts

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These quilts were made by Kit and Catherine, after the election, to thank activists for their work and to offer comfort to those around them.

Ann’s quilts

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I created this block for the @sjsa_remembranceprojectResearching the case of George Robinson, killed by Jackson, Mississippi police in January 2019, I was horrified at the casual brutality that resulted in Mr. Robinson’s death. Policing has become militarized, leading to all-out … Continued

The Virgin Arrested by ICE

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We saw this image of the Virgin of Guadalupe being arrested by ICE on the internet. Maria was a bit meeker. Kit made the quilt with a more powerful Maria and smaller agents. She asked her FB friends who wanted … Continued

Free the Children

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Kit Miller made this quilt for a demonstration against Trump’s policy of separating families and locking kids up in cages at border detention centers. “We were protesting our Republican Congressman Amodei’s support of Trump and his inhumane policies. Bob Fulkerson … Continued

Nevada Peace Quilt series

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“This quilt is based on a stained glass window in my mother Maya Miller’s kitchen. I’m sorry I don’t know the artist! I love the design. Nancy Raven transposed the design, and Fannie Etheridge and I sewed it. We gave this … Continued

Pine Burr Quilt

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We’re so happy to have spent several days in Nevada with quilt guru Fannie Etheridge of Alabama, learning to make a Pine Burr quilt (which is Alabama’s state quilt). We gave it to Fannie’s Mama, Ms Weatherly.