Subversive embroidery

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Counted cross stitch by Esther Leidolf


Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who served the Nixon administration, is credited with this quote. The Cheese Doodle background was printed on fabric seemed fitting during the tRump administration.
Photo of a rooftop in San Diego printed on fabric with embroidered text
Our best FLOTUS deserves my best frame
In a culture where gender identity is social currency, this piece is to honor those of us who can’t pay up. Correct pronouns are indeed important to many people. As an Intersex activist I strive to remind us that the genderqueer/non-binary community is just as diverse as all other communities. The letters in the top and bottom borders represent the 5 basic sex karyotypes-depicting the broad range of human diversity that commonly exists.

This quote is by Ayanna Pressley, Massachusetts State Senator, from speech at the Boston Day of Action, 2021