The Virgin Arrested by ICE

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We saw this image of the Virgin of Guadalupe being arrested by ICE on the internet. Maria was a bit meeker. Kit made the quilt with a more powerful Maria and smaller agents. She asked her FB friends who wanted it and gave it to Elvira Diaz (blonde woman holding it). She’s a social media maven, politics hound, inveterate canvasser for good politicians and causes, and proud mother of 2 amazing kids.
Kit explains the other Virgin Arrested by Ice Quilts she made. “When I gave the quilt to Elvira, Rosa (bottom photo blue shirt) was there and said “I want one!” Rosa advises immigrants in our community, and I would do almost anything for her. So I made her another one, which she displays in her immigration office.” 
In the bottom photo, the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, PLAN staff honors Lydia Lopez (in shades to left) who went off to law school to study immigration law.