Quilts with our government allies

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Oakland Women’s March 2020 – Congresswoman Barbara Lee meets quilt guru Fannie Etheridge – it doesn’t get any better than that!

This quilt was inspired by a suggestion of Kit’s friend Catherine Bengtson, who loved the meme of Nancy Pelosi walking away from a burning White House. That image was taken from a famous photo of her leaving a White House meeting, adjusting her sunglasses. Kit gave the quilt to Nancy Pelosi when her women’s lobbying group met with her in DC in Spring of 2019. She was surprised and impressed. We don’t know what she did with it

When candidates came to Nevada, Kit waited in long lines to share the message of her quilts.

Candidate Elizabeth Warren with Shirley Chisholm quilt
Julián Castro,presidential candidate from Texas, came to Reno and vowed to free children from detention centers and decriminalize the border. 
A few days after Kit finished this quilt, Elizabeth Warren, a leading candidate for President, came to Reno. She liked the quilt, noticed the tears in the children’s eyes and sent our picture out on Twitter. If Warren wins, she’ll stop the imprisonment of kids and reverse the evilness of trump’s border policy.
This quilt was made for the campaign of Jacky Rosen for US Senate, who helped turn Nevada blue in the 2018 elections. https://www.rosenfornevada.com/